Lee Fang of ThinkProgress outrageously lies

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Lee Fang of ThinkProgress offers "Right-Wing Conference Tells Activists To Get Their Guns Ready For ‘Bloody Battle’ With Obama The Nazi" (link). Fang continues ThinkProgress' long habit of lying, and in this case it's especially despicable.

Austrian native Kitty Werthmann appeared at the How To Take Back America Conference and compared the various actions of the Obama administration to the actions taken by the Nazis in their rise to power and suggested that people buy more guns and ammunition. However, she did not - as Fang suggests - promote any sort of "bloody battle". That battle was her suggestion of what Austrians would or should have done; she wasn't encouraging violence against the administration: compare the title of Lee Fang's post to what she says on the video he links to (link). And, note that the video is from ThinkProgress itself and has been edited at key points, perhaps to remove statements that would further weaken Think Progress' smear attempt.


where's fred to tell us to buy more guns?

Good one. Big O is not only the gun salesman of the year, he is doing more for the conservative side than the RINO's in office, just by his policies alone. btw, I saw a French WW2 rifle for sale online with the heading "like new only dropped once" and no that's not racist, it was probably one of my relatives.

Did you see the murder in Chicago of that teenager? I think Obama would be better served to help stop the violence in Chicago than to try and bring the Olympics to that hell hole.... But hey, he would be better served to pay attention to Afghanistan but that's not important to the Messiah , what's a few dead servicement to him and the new media....all of a sudden they don't care because Bush is gone.

Yes mary i did but a murder happen of a white kid it was report one time on a local news show the guys that murdered the white kid are still running around.

I think they arrested 4 but are looking for more....otherwise several are shot every week in that city.....

Bunch of backwater bastards with their guns, like that's the solution for all our problems. I vote to seize all weapons from every single American like Great Britain. Of course a redneck every now and then will get hold of a gun and kill someone. We then hang that bastard in front of the town square to make an example of them.

Mike, Every city that banned guns had an upsurge in crime.....do your research wingnut!