Joshua Hoyt challenges Rosanna Pulido petition signatures; now he supports our laws

Rosanna Pulido of the Illinois Minuteman Project is trying to get into a special election being held to find a replacement for Rahm Emanuel; her site is here. As could be expected, the local machinery that supports illegal immigration opposes her, with Josh Hoyt from the Mexico-linked Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights now saying (link):

"We are a nation of laws... and certainly our election processes should be a place where the rules are respected. If Ms. Pulido cannot follow our election laws and collect even 319 valid signatures then she should not be allowed to be on the ballot. We expect to conduct a vigorous petition challenge... Our election laws are the law of the land, and we certainly would not want a candidate on the ballot who submits invalid signatures and notarizations."

While Joshua Hoyt is doing this "in his personal capacity", it's difficult to separate this action from his work with the ICIRR, a group that consistenly supports illegal immigration and whose president serves on a Mexican government advisory panel.

Pulido might consider taking whatever steps are necessary to make sure the signatures are valid, and she might consider pointing out ICIRR's links to a foreign government. Unfortunately, there's probably a resources problem, and she might not be aware of how to handle things like this: in June 2008 she attended a John McCain private meeting with Hispanic leaders (link) and reveals that she had no intention of trying to ask McCain a question. As this site has pointed out endless times, asking political leaders tough questions about this issue - and publicizing their responses - would be a highly effective way to reduce illegal immigration.


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