John Quinones to lie about Arizona SB 1070, immigration enforcement (ABC, "What Would You Do?")

In early 2011, ABC News' "What Would You Do?" series - hosted by John Quinones - will broadcast an episode in which they'll lie about Arizona's new immigration law SB 1070. In fact, the segment described here would very likely be illegal and would probably generate a lawsuit.

Specifically, security guards aren't empowered to enforce SB 1070, whether they're U.S. citizens or not. Arizona cops can only question someone's status after having detained them for something else and after having reasonable suspicion that those being detained are here illegally. Federal agents charged with enforcing immigration laws - such as the Border Patrol - have wider latitude but it's highly unlikely they'd do something as described below. The Border Patrol and related agencies have been doing their jobs for decades without valid complaints about their right to detain suspected illegal aliens. And, of course, there's the "papers" bit trying to compare a law designed to reduce illegal activity with the Nazis:

When a man dressed like a security guard demanded "papers" from two Hispanic patrons at a local Mexican restaurant recently, Andrea Morken stood up.
"Excuse me. I don't think you can do that," Morken said loudly enough for the rest of the diners at BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs to hear.
The Anglo guard struck an aggressive pose and repeated his demand.
"Actually you can't do that and that's not going to happen right now, right here, today," said Morken, who owns a day spa in Tucson. "So you just need to get on out of here now."
Others agreed, telling the security guard to leave the men alone.
"I am an American citizen," he shot back, "and I have the right to see if these two are illegals or not."
The man eventually left - to the applause of the diners - but he returned shortly and said he had called the authorities to come pick up the two men.
Fed up, Morken offered the patrons a ride. The older of the two stood to comply, then took off his sunglasses.
"Do you know who I am?" he asked.
It was ABC's John Quinones. The man eating with him and the security guard were both actors. And the entire incident was being filmed by hidden cameras inside BK, 2680 N. First Ave., for an upcoming episode of the ABC show "What Would You Do?"

Note that Brady McCombs of the Arizona Daily Star is quite starstruck and doesn't call Quinones on misleading about Arizona's law. Please send him an email and suggest he act like a real reporter and not Quinones' publicist.