John McCain using support for Obama's amnesty to raise re-election funds (John Cornyn, Jason LeVecke)

In response to last week's NYT story saying that Obama was going to push amnesty, John McCain's Senate re-election finance committee co-chair Jason LeVecke sent out an email to supporters in Houston asking for money so that McCain could help Obama push amnesty (link):

"My first mission is to raise enough money early to keep challengers out of (McCain’s) race," LeVecke wrote in his e-mail. "Assuming we meet that goal, I’d prefer to give him the freedom to spend the campaign helping other 'pro-reform' Republican candidates and influencing those that are on the fence... LeVecke also mentioned that McCain and he had "spoken about working with Senator (John Cornyn) to take leadership with regard to immigration reform."

LeVecke owns several Carl's Jr. and Hardees franchises; that industry relies on "immigrant" labor. According to, he's the founder of the Golden Door Foundation; they funded a Reason Magazine event ( And, according to this:

Jason LeVecke told Capitol Media Services on Thursday he is helping to finance Mesa Deserves Better because he believes voters in west Mesa are not familiar with Russell Pearce, the man they first elected to the House in 2000 and three times since. Pearce, legally barred from serving more than eight consecutive years or four terms in the House, is running for the state Senate... And LeVecke, owner of the Valley's Carl's Jr. and Pizza Patron franchises and a major Republican donor in previous years, was unapologetic about the content of a controversial flier mailed to Republican voters citing claims purportedly made by Pearce's wife about violent behavior when she filed for divorce 28 years ago. LuAnne Pearce now says those assertions were untrue and the petition was withdrawn shortly after it was filed.

His group and other groups were mentioned here.


This guy is such a self serving shill it makes me sick.

Mary is right, but its all part of the evil plan.