John McCain still confused over Hispanic vote

This isn't in any way "news", but yesterday John McCain said the following on "State of the Union" with John King of CNN (video might be here but it won't play for me):

"On the issue of the Hispanic voter, we have to do a lot more. We Republicans have to recruit and elect Hispanics to office... And I don't mean just because they're Hispanics, but they represent a big part of the growing population in America. And we have a lot of work to do there. And I am of the belief that unless we reverse the trend of Hispanic voter registration, we have a very, very deep hole that we've got to come out of."

The third sentence makes no sense: he wants them to be elected simply due to their race and in the hopes that undecideds will "vote their race". Which is exactly how the Democratic Party operates, except they're actually competent. Which means that - as pointed out many, many times here before - the Dems will always be able to undercut the GOP if they go further down the "vote your race" road. The Dem will always be more racially echt; the GOP will select someone who the Democrats will call a "Tio Taco"/"Uncle Tom". And, of course, by supporting massive immigration and race-based power, the GOP is digging their hole even deeper.

One way to deal with bad advice such as that offered by McCain is to help discredit the incompetent GOP consultant types who come up with such ideas, such as Mike Murphy.


I didn't know that political office had racial/ethnic quotas. Mr. McCain, this is a democratic process, not affirmative action! People vote for whom they wish, and don't have to defend their actions before a judge. What a jerk!

They are a growing part of our population because they broke into the country!!! Gee, let's hand the country over to the invading army !!! GAWD this guy is as clueless as Inspector Clouseau!

Mary is right, but also let us understand this evil Army of the third world will soon become the rulers and when that becomes a fact that Army of evil will use us like dogs in hell. the only way out is by the force of arms and understand that will happen but before that little dick McCain will do his evil dance on us all. Think freedom, think like Americans, with a will for freedom against the monkeys of hell, understand one fact many of the ruling who are now in power will be replaced by the evil armies real rulers, and when that real ruler is in power you may someday see the real face of the third world and with that you will see extermination of freedom and your way of life over ( can't use the D Word by order of removal ) freedom is not free it needs the blood of real Heroes and to all many of you will be sent to camps so be brave in your last days.

"we have a very, very deep hole that we've got to come out of." Yes, and you need to start appealing to white voters, you wretched senile loser. You lost the election, have some humility and a dose of reality. You dug the hole senator, and you're going to be buried in it.

_And I don't mean just because they're Hispanics,..._ That McCain, what a funny guy. And this guy wanted to be President.