Jeb Bush considering Senate run (the better to push amnesty?)

From this:
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush - the younger brother of the president - is weighing a run for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Mel Martinez.

...A source close to Bush said he'll be thoughtful and methodical about the decision-making process. He will consider the impact a race would have on his family and his business and whether or not the U.S. Senate is the best forum from which to continue his advocacy for issues such as education, immigration and GOP solutions to health care reform.

In an interview with Politico immediately after November’s election, the former governor said the Republican Party should take four primary steps to regain favor with voters: Show no tolerance for corruption, practice what it preaches about limiting the scope of government (“There should not be such a thing as a Big Government Republican”), stand for working families and small business, and embrace reform.

Bush said conservatives should “do the math of the new demographics of the United States,” explaining that the Republican Party “can’t be anti-Hispanic, anti-young person - anti many things - and be surprised when we don’t win elections.”
The GOP isn't "anti-young person", even if it has a problem understanding modern technology. And, enforcing our laws is not anti-Hispanic.

Note that the word from the source contradicts what a Bush spokesman said yesterday.


he is still better than martinez but not by much, despite being a total fucking tool. but people will also associate him with his retard brother, which is a good thing as no one will listen to him anyway.

The GOP Stand's for nothing now its all just one been joke.