Janet Murguia of NCLR called out over Latino/Hispanic label not including indigenous people

The attached video shows Janet Murguia - head of the National Council of La Raza - being called out by an indigenous activist over her contention that the "Latino" and "Hispanic" labels don't include the indigenous. It's partially a hilarious example of a Race Warrior being hoist on her own petard.

It's also partially an example of how the power of such groups as the NCLR could be reduced, by highlighting what the activist mentions: many illegal aliens are in fact not "Hispanic" per her understanding of the term. One could mock people like Murguia by engaging her in debate along these lines, ending up with allusions to the "one drop rule".

Of course, resourceful person that she is, Murguia will probably push for the creation of an official categorization similar to "Asian and Pacific Islanders", such as "Hispanics, Latinos, and Indigenous and/or Autochthonous of Any or Many Race(s)" or the like. Whatever it takes to obtain more race-based power.


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