How to block Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court

If many of Sonia Sotomayor's online opponents concentrated on opposing her in effective ways, she might not be confirmed. At the very least, that opposition would deal a blow to the Obama administration and the MSM. Here's how to do it:

1. Find someone to put together one comprehensive, accessible, fully-sourced list of the reasons to oppose her. The audience should be the general public, not just lawyers. All the legal arguments against her need to be there, but that needs to be put into footnotes. The main portion should concentrate on "wise Latina", an accessible summary of Ricci, her involvement with the two far-left racial power groups, and so on. And, it would be a huge mistake for that list to only be of interest to conservatives. It should point out why anyone who's not far-left should oppose her. Sending around a link from the Heritage Foundation or similar will probably be rejected by many; it needs to be from a non-partisan group. And, it needs to be organized in such a fashion that it's not rejected immediately by many. Unnecessary details need to be put into footnotes. And, obviously, it needs to be completely truthful, and arguments others might raise with the article need to be taken into account and rolled into the article.

2. A key part of the opposition to her should be her membership in the National Council of La Raza, a group that gave an award to someone who'd proposed genocide years earlier. See my completely fact-based coverage of that and their many other issues at that link. Note that it's very important to tell only the truth about that group: confusing them with other groups with similar names or misleading about what they support actually serves their interests.

3. Another key part of the opposition to her should be the fact that she was on the board of the PRLDEF. Someone with a wide audience needs to organize a coordinated group effort to do research into her past activities with that group. Most of that research will have to be done in person at offline archives at colleges and the like in NYC.

4. You need to send links about her to all your friends, and urge them to send them on to their friends. Post about her to forums, mailing lists, and the like. Everyone should be encouraged to contact as many national politicians as possible stating their opposition to her confirmation. Until such time as the comprehensive summary is available, you'll need to send a series of links.

5. Those who have websites should attempt to discredit her supporters who lie or mislead about her. Actually trying to discredit MSM reporters and the like is a very powerful tool, but it's one that many don't use or do so in a largely ineffective way. For how to do that effectively, see this. Two recent articles that could be discussed are this and this. You need to show those who might otherwise believe them why they're wrong. If you don't have a website, that can also be done by leaving comments on news and blog entries presenting a fact-based argument why the reporter or blogger is wrong. Posting the 100th whine about this situation in an online echo chamber is a waste of everyone's time. Consider spending that time on something actually effective.

6. Being realistic is a good thing, and not everyone is in a position where they can go to the wall in their opposition to her. However, some people who are in a position to oppose her are instead sounding like Tokyo Rose. Let them know you'll be holding them accountable for what she does on the court. In some cases, call them out publicly by name.

If her online opponents put some work into this using the points above, she might not be confirmed. Please send the link to this post to others and urge them to get involved.

UPDATE: In a perfect world, her confirmation would not be assured. Of course, this isn't a perfect world and the leaders of Obama's opposition are to a great degree incompetent. Those leaders are easily distracted by trivial matters, they keep making the same mistakes over and over and, in the case of major bloggers and media figures, they care more about increasing their number of visitors/viewers rather than solving problems.

If they were able to pull it together for just a little bit, they could convince a good percentage of Americans just how dangerous she's going to be and contact their representatives. Most people opposing her might lead to her withdrawing or at least make it easier to extract concessions. One of those concessions might be getting her to renounce the NCLR. Obviously, renouncing the NCLR would have innumerable benefits.


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on the board of the PRLDEF

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