GOP's "America Speaking Out" is worse than just a joke

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Following their "YouCut" stunt, the GOP has released yet another stunt called "America Speaking Out" (, put together by Rep. Kevin McCarthy). Like YouCut, it's based on popular voting systems and lets users submit and vote on ideas in a limited set of categories.

And, like those other systems, it's highly flawed. Some of the bogus ideas that have been submitted are quoted by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post here; he doesn't stress that most of those are probably bogus.

Some of the current top vote-getters in the American Values section appear to be the work of pranksters and of the usual suspects from Obama's similar efforts:

Legalize marijuana. This idea coming from a very hard core conservative. If Uncle Sugar could control every seed, thus creating a very strong revenue source...and let's face it...that is really the only concern the Feds have...then I for one would support the venture, and be done with all the silly cat and mouse. One consequence: a drop in Domestic Disturbances, and a rise in the birth rate...sorry that was two. Good'ay

That has 70 votes. And, no matter how much I edited it, their error message kept saying what I tried to submit was "inappropriate":

Tell the *truth* about the cert issue, and use that to help discredit the MSM and encourage better thinking. While he's presented several pieces of evidence that he's from HI, they don't add up to definitive proof. That does *NOT* mean that he's lying. It just means that he hasn't provided definitive proof. And, the MSM has consistently lied about the basic, indisputable, objective, easy-to-understand facts of this matter. That can be used to help discredit those MSM sources. Once again: the above isn't license to accuse him of being born in you-know-where or all the rest; if that's confusing, please read what I wrote again. If the GOP could simply tell the absolute truth about this matter they could reduce any damage it's doing to them and at the same time they could help discredit those who've misled. Not only that, they could discourage sloppy thinking and encourage open and fair debate.

As for the joke part, the site barely works from a performance standpoint, despite this from the Milbank article:

[McCarthy] said that to get software for the site, "I personally traveled to Washington state and discovered a Microsoft program that helped NASA map the moon."