GOP loses the Senate, thanks in part to Tea Party

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If not for the Tea Parties, the GOP had an outside possibility of winning the Senate. Instead - due in part to the Teapartiers - the Democratic Party remains in charge of the U.S. Senate.

In Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill beat the Teaparty candidate Todd Akin.

In Indiana, Rep. Joe Donnelly handily beat Teaparty candidate Richard Mourdock.

In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown. While Brown ran from Teaparty ideas, his campaign and supporters did things in a very Teaparty way: concentrating on "Fauxcahontas" and other issues instead of simply showing how Warren is wrong on policy.

Perhaps one day the GOP will realize that pandering to small-tent, anti-American, sociopathic ideas such as those of the Teapartiers is not a winning strategy.