Good news: "Mexicans take swine flu lightly on U.S. border"

From this:

Many Mexicans crossing into the United States on Monday at one of the busiest crossings on the border shunned advice to wear surgical face mask to curb the spread of a deadly new flu.

Most Mexican immigration officials at the Tijuana-San Diego crossing were using masks and surgical gloves, but Mexicans crossing by car and foot seemed unconcerned by the influenza scare and only a handful wore masks.


Why has the border not been shut if Mexico City is in lockdown?

The border means money to some and will never be locked down. our government people who hate us as a people and our freedoms. The mexican government and the mexicans using flu mask are doing so by order of mexico city, the system appears to be working in mexico city but not in overall mexico. it is reported that some 103 people inside mexico city have died but nothing about the country-side ask why? most of the countryside is under the control of the Reds and drug dealers which are the same people so no info can be frond about the real death toll and so no one can really say how many have been taken by this flu. Read mexican news papers for more info.

Ever think of writing for a living? are a scream! They didn't shut down the border for TB,leprosy,Chagas or any other long ago eradicated why would they stop this one??? Just sayin'