George Gascon DC trip paid for by "a group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform"

On Thursday, two congressional subcommittees held a hearing on the 287g program which included the following exchange (link, via this) between Mesa, Arizona police chief George Gascon (an opponent of the program) and Rep. Ted Poe (a supporter):
"Who paid your way to get here today?" Poe asked. Gascon replied by repeating the question.

"You heard me," Poe said. "Who paid your way?"

"A group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform," Gascon answered.

"Would you agree with the statement that we dance with the one who brung us?" Poe said, suggesting that Gascon was essentially paid for his testimony.

The police chief bristled at Poe's comment, reciting his military service and long law enforcement career.

"I don't dance with anyone," Gascon replied.
Some of the top contenders who could have paid Gascon's way would include the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Council of La Raza, and MALDEF. However, there are plenty of local illegal immigration-supporting groups, including business groups such as those mentioned here.

If anyone's in that area, see if you can file a records request so we can find out who it was.


_(an opponent of the program)_ And why shouldn't he be? I mean, from what I've seen of LA and other places, I also think you'd want to maximize the proportion of Hispanics and then make sure not to harass them with too much police attention. Sounds like a fine community development strategy.