Donald Trump's first Congressional endorsement: pro-amnesty Renee Ellmers

Donald Trump has issued his first Congressional endorsement: to Renee Ellmers of North Carolina. The Trump robocall endorsing her - from Ellmer's Youtube channel - is below. Ellmers is a supporter of what Trump supporters would call "amnesty". From a 2014 Ellmers OpEd [1]:

I believe that in addition to securing our borders, the best course of action is one that provides an earned legal work status that would not be given indiscriminately. Instead, it would be contingent on some combination of paying a penalty, admitting to violating the law, and verifying identity. Only after this legal work status is obtained can individuals have the opportunity to begin the naturalization process - if that is their choice. They do not go to the "front of the line," nor do they receive special treatment. This is about solving a problem that can be fixed only through a responsible and realistic approach. We have problems, and there are solutions. I, for one, am excited to start this process and fix a broken system.

That uses these deceptive talking points: secure the border, immigration line, and system is broken. Ellmers' "earned legal work status" means legalization for millions of illegal aliens, the same plan Trump has. (On the robocall, Trump uses the same "secure the border" talking point that's also been used by George W Bush, Barack Obama, and hundreds of others that use that talking point to deceive).

Ellmers can be heard having pro-amnesty meltdowns against Laura Ingraham on and against a constituent at

[1] fayobserver . com/opinion/news_columns/article_c0799c68-2bad-5566-b02e-d4b57a749eb6.html

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