DHS immigration directive: goal is comprehensive "reform"; biometrics

Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security has been issuing a series of directives in which she asked the various sub-agencies in the DHS to come up with reports on their future operations. She's finally gotten around to immigration matters: dhs.gov/ynews/releases/pr_1233353528835.shtm

It shows that their overall goal is to work towards comprehensive immigration reform, aka a massive amnesty for illegal aliens. And, it also includes the scary possibility of using biometrics as part of that "reform"; see the end.

From the first section:

Smart, resolute enforcement by the department can keep Americans safe, foster legal immigration to America, protect legitimate commerce, and lay the groundwork for a more comprehensive reform.

She also discusses the 287g program, something she should be familiar with since she pulled the funding from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a participant in that program. Note also this:

Fugitive Operation Teams. Please provide the current metrics of fugitive apprehension and removal (clearly differentiate the number of fugitives that are actually removed versus those aliens unlawfully present who are simply encountered by the teams while on assignment).

Senator Bob Menendez and others have complained about illegal aliens and others who were caught up when they were "simply encountered" during fugitive sweeps. That appears to indicate that she agrees with them.

She goes on to ask about gun smuggling from the U.S. into Mexico and how "could the arrangements for the (National) Guard’s presence be made more effective for support of DHS missions?"

Another way that supporters of illegal/massive immigration have tried to hamper law enforcement has been highlighting the tragic but rare incidents at detention centers; that section of the directive might be designed to support the goals of those supporters.

Then, a section on EVerify:

E-Verify has been a key component in proposals for comprehensive immigration reform and holds real promise as a central element in effective immigration enforcement that combines border efforts with interior measures.

And, it ends on a scary note:

Currently, photo tools are useful for only certain types of documents presented by the worker. What would be needed to make the photo tool applicable to all identity documents presented by covered employees? What is the prospect for using biometrics as part of the screening (done either by the employer or at an offsite location by specialized offices)?


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