Debbie Wasserman-Schultz completely "p0wns" her Tea Party constituents (Obamacare)

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz held a townhall about Obama healthcare yesterday and - as with all the other townhalls - the results weren't pretty. Instead of taking effective steps to discredit her, those present (at least on the videos below) asked weak questions that she handled with ease.

Yes, those present made their voice heard. And, yes, they have a right to speak.

But, the bottom line is that they aren't effective. At least, they aren't effective if their goal is to show how she's wrong; if their goal is to help her and the Democrats, then they're doing a bang-up job. A major part of the responsibility rests with their leaders, such as Freedomworks, Glenn Reynolds, and the like. Instead of encouraging a small number of smart and experienced people to ask good questions, they just encouraged people to go throw tantrums. And, we see what the incompetence of those leaders resulted in.

See the bad questions page for several highly similar examples. A similar recent case - and the solution to this issue - is discussed here.

The videos are at these links:

The second is the most raucous.

UPDATE: Want to see more p0wnage? Her Republican challenger, Brian Reilly, has uploaded two videos from the same meeting: and There's overlap between those and the three above, but on the first of those you can see the heckler being led out of the meeting.