Debate me on the Obama citizenship issue, Part 2

Here's your second chance to debate me on the Obama citizenship issue. Before proceeding, I'm going to ask that you read and understand "Why the Obama certificate issue is vitally important" to understand my angle on this issue. My coverage is perfectly valid, logical, and fact-based, even if many have been trained to reflexively reject any coverage of this issue that doesn't push the official line.

For Part 1, I made the mistake of not focusing on one aspect of this issue. So, Part 2 will only concentrate on one aspect and none other. If you leave a comment below, I fully expect you to only respond to this one aspect and not leave a comment about the general issue or about other aspects. If you do, I may move your comment to another thread.

Here's what I want you to do: describe in detail what this is. I'm not going to tell you what the expected answer is, but I do know that the great majority of Obama supporters will get it wrong.

Once again: any replies must only be about that one specific issue and none other. Generalized rants, off-topic repllies, and so on may be moved to another thread.

(Note: I removed the lightbox for the link above, just click the back button.)

9/16/10 UPDATE: I moved an off-topic discussion here.

9/27/10 UPDATE: Oops: what I called the "6/16/10 UPDATE" was (obviously) the 9/16/10 UPDATE, now fixed.

I've also uploaded the same item that's at the link above to this location:

That item is the same as the one at the link above.

12/28/10 UPDATE: Over three months after posting this and after thousands of views, someone appears to be on the right track towards the correct answer. I've temporarily deleted their comment because I want others to give their answers. Don't worry: the comment has been saved and proper credit will be given when I'm ready to reveal the correct answer (which might be a while).

1/4/11 UPDATE: I've tweeted the twitpic link dozens of times to dozens of people, and only two have taken the challenge so far.

* On 12/27/10, @_ccm said (twitter dot com/_ccm/status/19459110244192258): "A jpg of a COLB. The COLB being prima facie evidence that Barack H. Obama II was born in Honolulu."

* On 1/3/11, @Shoq said (twitter dot com/Shoq/statuses/22169781675233281): "Ok, I'll play along, Homer. Image is Obama's certificate of live birth from Hawaii, just like mine from NYC. And now?" Then, after a few more tweets back and forth, he said (twitter dot com/Shoq/statuses/22408825462063104): "You have one more tweet to tell me your point. Then I block you. Make it count, #Birther boy."

2/9/11 UPDATE: Two more Twitterers have failed the test.
The first is a nobody, one Andrew Wienick. See the exchange here.

The second is more of a somebody, specifically a third-tier version of Dave Weigel: Mediaite's Tommy Christopher. He not only failed the test, he played the race card too. So, he fails twice. Screengrab of the exchange here (ignore the first tweet), and the reply referenced in that picture is here.

2/14/11 UPDATE: Another Twitterer falls, this one syndicated advice columnist Margo Howard (@Margoandhow). She didn't even take the test because she couldn't understand what I was getting at. Then, she leveled a few ad homs and blocked me. See this.

4/9/11 UPDATE: Yet another Twitterer fails, with @MichaelShatz saying of the twitpic link: "that is prima facie evidence of Obama's birth. Everything on that document is proof until proven otherwise." (twitter dot com/MichaelShatz/status/53578893130604544).

4/26/11 UPDATE: Still more Twitterer intellectual failure, as Dave von Ebers - someone who claims to be a lawyer - gives a wrong answer (twitter dot com/Dave_von_Ebers/

A legal document that proves exactly what it says, you racist scumbag. You are a sickening piece of garbage.

After I pointed out that he was wrong, he then acted like a wee lil' fascist and told his followers to "block and report" me. I might have lost out on three or four followers that way.