Customs and Border Protection chief of staff is dual citizen (Marco Antonio Lopez)

The new chief of staff of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is a dual citizen (Mexico and the U.S.)

Just let that sink in.

Carmen Duarte of the Arizona Daily Star informs us (link) that Marco Antonio Lopez - the 31-year-old former mayor of Nogales, Arizona - has been selected for the position by Janet Napolitano. She also appointed him to lead her Arizona-Mexico Commission and later as a senior advisor. In 1999 he worked in the White House doing travel preparations for VP Al Gore.


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Maybe he should get a job...oh yeah Obama has seen to it that he never has to..........

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A dual citizen is much like a dual adult toy. Either way we get fucked

Dual Citizenship should be abolished. It became acceptable again only to appease the American-Israeli lobby a couple of decades ago. That was bad enough, but the Mexican government is using it to its full advantage. Furthermore WTF is an obvious ambitious political hack with no law enforcement or national security background doing in this job.