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Ms. Butterflyyy 🦋
Wherever my wings take me
A few passions: healthcare, immigration, education, gun control, fighting racism. 👩‍💻📝💭❤️📚 “When love is the way, Earth will be a sanctuary.” #Z2
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From @mikiebarb
This quote from Geraldo —->
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From @MsButterflyyy
@mikiebarb Nope. Not giving any credit for this “sudden discovery” of facts that were obvious from the beginning…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Some years ago, Geraldo said something much more shocking & possible than the most fevered dreams of white nationalists. Did Michael Barbaro ever call Geraldo on it? MT @MsButterflyyy MT @mikiebarb [Geraldo doesn't like 'Send her back']