Chinese documentary predicts American downfall

From this (via this):
A China Central Television (CCTV) unit is developing an epic, fall-of-Rome-flavored documentary TV series around the theme of America in decline.

Unlike the crude state-sponsored videos that glorified the September 11 terrorist attacks as a humiliating strike against an arrogant superpower, the planned multipart production promises to be a slick dissection of American economic and military might...

...the producers plan to devote at least one episode to the US immigration crisis and attempt to draw historical parallels between a commonly perceived cause of the fall of ancient Rome--unchecked immigration and invasions--and the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States from Mexico and Latin America...


MAD AS HELL,^%&&%^$^$^&^*(*())_)_))(&%^%$&&&&!

Strange isn't it how almost everyone around the world from the CHICOMS as noted here, to Quadaffi,see:
and to the majority of the Amereican people recognize illegal immigration, amnesty, and free citizenship as a way of destroying America.

But all DEMS and the Republican leadership seem hell bent on doing it anyway regardless of its harm to America.

Don't support anyone who supports illegal immigration, amnesty, and free citizenship. Stand behind H.R. 4437 and patriots such as Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

Did the Chinese invest "the people's retirement funds" in Roman empire bonds?

WELL YES! Isn't that what i have been saying, just look and you will see why, 20 million enemies of freedom living here, many of you people who will read this hate the USA, Many of you love mexico and the third world ideals of evil, some of you love bin laden. so can we say the Reds are right? after all the reds are paying for the death of the usa and what is your government is halping the enemy.

Its funny how everyone in this world profits off the hard back breaking work of the u.s citizens. Our freedom comes with a cost. If the United States fall, America's supporters (OFF SHORE CITIZENS) will create civil war in there countries. Freedom is a powerful tool. Just ask Iran? Government leaders are the blame. Its been happening for years. America is the new rome No question, However.... Rome did not have supporters all over the world. Other countries better watch out for the words and minipulation they inject. This is not biblical days anymore. Cant defy truth. And that goes for our government also. The people of the world knows America's intention's. Everything will balance itself out. Minipulation only goes so far. Whats done in the dark ALWAYS comes to light.