WTF: ADL's "No Place for Hate" campaign

Via this we learn that the Anti-Defamation League has been conducting a "No Place for Hate" campaign in New England with the Massachusetts Municipal Association since 1999 [1]. Cities in New England and elsewhere can join the program ([2][3][4]), and, as long as they conduct three events designed to show they're free of hate and that they respect diversity, they get a nifty sign that they can attach to a post (not provided) at the entrance to their town. Of course, as the second link above shows, the ADL has a rather flexible definition of "hate", with one required to support illegal immigration in order to rid oneself of all vestiges of "hate".

Campaigns like this are an attempt to enforce far-left ideology, and their effectiveness can be seen from the news story:
When Ralph Filicchia came across a "No Place for Hate" sign on a pole outside Town Hall, he was, to put it in his own words "offended."

On Tuesday, he came before the council with a message and a plea to take down the sign and rescind a Town Council proclamation honoring Watertown as a "No Place for Hate" community.

"The proclamation is discriminatory and a violation and infringement upon my civil rights as an American citizen," he said. "I want the right to speak out without being guilty of a hate crime."
Such campaigns are designed to make one wonder what exactly Filicchia could object to. Is he a... hater? Is he a... racist? There isn't that much difference between this and cities that would declare themselves to be "No Place for Satan", then define or imply that all those who aren't fundamentalist Christians are Satanists.

Note that the ADL has a related "Communities of Respect" program (both NPFH and COR are trademarked by the way). Sugar Land, Texas was the latest to be converted, including asking his residents to sign an oversized "Resolution of Respect." [5] Earlier, a "Rally for Respect" was held; choose 'view image' on the center picture to see schoolkids holding up "Respect" signs. [6]



Ralph Filicchia is right. Signs like that should offend anyone who cares a whit about the First Amendment. Here it is: Resolution of Respect I pledge from this day forward to do my best to combat prejudice and to stop those who, because of hate or ignorance, would hurt anyone or violate their civil rights. I will try at all times to be aware of my own biases and seek to gain understanding of those who I perceive as being different from myself. I will speak out against all forms of prejudice and discrimination. I will reach out to support those who are targets of hate. I will think about specific ways my community members can promote respect for people and create a prejudice-free zone. I firmly believe that one person can make a difference and that no person can be an "innocent" bystander when it comes to opposing hate. I recognize that respecting individual dignity, achieving equality and promoting intergroup harmony are the responsibilities of all people. By signing this pledge, I commit myself to creating a community that is No Place for HateTM. Click on the button to the left. Your signed Resolution of Respect will be added to our Honor Roll of Respect. Thank you for your committment to make our communities No Place for Hate. 'prejudice-free zone'? Pardon me, but I prefer the free speech zone known as the United States of America! These hate cop groups remind me of Catharine MacKinnon and the late Andrea Dworkin and their anti-pornography ordinance. Somehow people could see that was unconstitutional (on First Amendment grounds) but oxymoronic 'hate crimes' get a pass. I thought the ACLU used to oppose LLEHCPA but went along with it this time.

So if a hispanic attack's me for saying long live the USA That can mean hate for his country and that is ok, if a black guy shot's me that is ok if he needs money and i say no, why not the meaning of defamation can mean anything you want it to mean. The Government of mexico with the help of Red China is working over-time on this one, and why not? Time Is on the side of Evil People who want us all inside some Third World Hell.

By the way hate can mean anything you want it to mean that is why we have something called Rights the First Amendment and that is really what is under attack, understand anything you say anything you put in writing can be used against you someday by the real enemies of freedom, I hope someday the little Rats come after me, it would be fun to play the old game once more for real, if you know what i mean? My 23 Year Old Cat want's me to go to sleep, good night and may God help you all And Long Live The USA.

I agree that hate is very bad and people should be more tolerate of other people. However, I also agree that it is important to uphold the first amendment and free speech. People should have the right to say what they want without being persecuted for it, whether or not people agree with what is being said. I think the campaign has good intentions, but the creators of the campaign do need to understand the concept of free speech.

the multi-cult never understands free speech. they only understand political correctness, at the expense of the majority in this country.

The No Place For Hate sign should be thrown in the Charles River with the rest of the pollution. Guys died in the South Pacific and Europe during WW2 to make sure we had the right to free speech and to disagree with the politicians. Where does the Anti-Defamation League get off trying to change this?

Sounds like terms for surrender. I wont give up without a fight. Fuck these people.....they [the lefty fags] are more dangerous than China or Russia in the mere fact that they are already on our soil. And yes Beaners are lefty's too.