Socialist VP candidate: common U.S.-Mexico currency, "North American Banking Authority"

Various persons, including those on the left and far-left, have scoffed at the idea that there's a push for a North American Union and a common NA currency (called the Amero). Now, from the fringes of their movement comes one of their own to call for essentially the same thing (link):
During a decade when border issues between the U.S. and Mexico have intensified and the Democrats and Republicans have gone on the attack against immigrants, Vice Presidential Candidate Stewart A. Alexander is proposing a common U.S.-Mexican currency and establishing a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) for working people on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

To accomplish his goal, Stewart Alexander says it will be necessary to restructure the entire banking industry; all banking and financial institutions would be socially owned, and operated by a North American Banking Authority that would be democratically controlled...


The only way to stop this evil is by Guns, and that will never happen so get down on your face's to the new ruler and God your money. the north so called american union will take 30 years and your kids will love it.

Roger Strong, call your psychiatrist.