Pro-life, pro-Obama: Douglas Kmiec says abortion foes should vote for Barack Obama

Douglas Kmiec offers a warm welcome to his effort "Pro-life, Pro-Obama":
"As Ronald Reagan's legal counsel and as a dean and professor at Catholic University and Notre Dame, I have worked to put the law on the side of life where it belongs.

I believe we are all called to build a culture of life - but there's more to it than just hoping that the next Supreme Court justice somehow deals with Roe v. Wade. A bad economy is threatening to human life. Women facing the moral tragedy of abortion - are facing it, now, today - and they need a supportive community and tangible help, not condemnation.

But after 35 years, a new approach is needed. Senator Barack Obama's strengthening of support for prenatal care, health care, maternity leave, and adoption will make help drastically reduce the numbers of abortions. Studies confirm it..."
You can visit Kmeck's site by clicking the following image:

barack obama clubbing babies at abortion clinic


As a first time reader, I am proud to see a pro-life pro-Obama supporter on a non-liberal blog. Obama / Biden 2008

What the heck??!!! Prolife?? he doesn't even want to save babies born from botched abortions...what an OUTRIGHT LIE!!

Your credentials as as an educator and Reagan staff member does not sway me from my prolife position. We need a chief executive who will not appoint liberal pro-choice judges. Everything else you mention is superfluous. Your are abandoning the unborn's right to live, as Obama will still allow millions of God's creation to be murdered without a presidential advocate to stop it. this video and see if you still vote for obama and say you are prolife