Dana Loesch, Glenn Reynolds: Great Moments in Tea Party, Army of Davids "Reporting"

Glenn Reynolds and his Army of Davids are at it again, and I don't mean that in a good way. He says (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/90008) "IT’S USUALLY A BAD IDEA to threaten the blogosphere". Clicking through we come to a blog post [1] by tea parties organizer Dana Loesch about Charles Jaco formerly of CNN sending a legal threat to another blogger over that blogger's claim that Jaco faked his Gulf War coverage; see the last link for the answer (he didn't).

In her post, Loesch fails to point out that the claims about him are wrong, and she also falsely says that "Pat Buchanan wrote about [the claim]". In fact, it wasn't Buchanan himself but a contributor; the byline says "Submitted by Patriot Portal" (link). While Buchanan shouldn't have allowed such a low-quality, misleading post, Loesch is giving her readers the false impression that Buchanan himself wrote that post. While Loesch doesn't outright accuse Jaco of trickery, she will probably give most visitors the mistaken impression that the claims about Jaco are true when they aren't. She also doesn't understand what Jaco is concerned about: people making false claims about him. This isn't a matter of "fair use" or "protected speech"; it's a matter of false claims. He isn't "apparently threatening the whole Innernetz and anyone who questions his CNN video" as she claims (link), but simply trying to protect his reputation.

[1] thedanashow.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/


the tea party people are now under the control of the government of obama and most do not get that point in fact la raza is under control just like the KKK And Nazi party. people must not join the enemies camps but must act like americans.