More questions for DHS' Janet Napolitano

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In addition to the question here, there are some questions for Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security below. If you want to block amnesty, putting her on the spot by asking these questions on video at one of her public appearances would be a very effective way to do it; for an action plan see the question authority page. Even if you can't ask a question yourself, you can at the least promote that plan.

Here's one question, more to follow:

1. "On 11/13/09 you said that the DHS has - quote - 'held stakeholder meetings with more than 1,000 people and organizations across the country. The businesses, community leaders, labor leaders, faith groups and law enforcement we’ve met with all have different stories, but they all reach the same conclusion: we need reform.'

Isn't that an admission that you're only receiving input from those on your side? There are tens of millions of Americans who are opposed to "reform", yet you yourself are admitting that you weren't taking their opinion into account. Aren't those tens of millions of Americans also stakeholders? Can you direct us to any meetings you've held at which opponents of "reform" have been able to question you about the many flaws in "reform"?


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Yup, she has been meeting with only the pro-amnesty groups, not "real" grass roots stakeholders, i.e., ordinary American citizens. Her claim that the border is secure, is of course, absurd. And even if the border was secure and our immigration laws enforced (which they're not), to use this as justification for amnesty is ridiculous. This is the same 1986 amnesty garbage and the same stuff that the OBL peddled in 2007. I know that Lindsey Graham and probably McCain will support this, and perhaps Cornyn, but will Jon Kyl -- who as we know led the GOP effort on amnesty last time with his Z-visa?

You paint with a broad brush and present not one scintilla of evidence for your charge. You present an unfounded inference as fact. The smarmyness of your intellectual bankruptcy is astounding. In addition, the fact that tens of millions support reform appears to be a fact beyond your comprehension.

with real unemployment hovering around 20% there is not going to be an amnesty anytime soon. bobbyp: we know whose side you are on. you are a traitor to your fellow Americans, so go fuck yourself you piece of shit. we know who is intellectually bankrupt around here, you fucking redneck dolt traitor with an empty argument.

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Go away Bobbi, those here believe in enforcing the law and preserving the country. If you want to make yourself useful, take your broad brush and build and paint that fence...or Americans will end up doing it for you.

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