Spot the error, Part #4932

Can you spot the error(s) in the following newspaper report from Torrance, CA's Daily Breeze?

Cedillo pushes immigrant license bill

PROPOSAL: L.A. Democrat hopes to rally support today with a new plan to give driving privileges to illegal residents.

By Michael Gardner, Copley News Service

SACRAMENTO -- Gil Cedillo agonizes over two yellow voting cards taped to his desk, each representing where fellow senators stand on his contentious campaign to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver licenses.

The Los Angeles Democrat has reached the time to start counting votes, pondering whether last-minute concessions and tactical maneuvers will be enough to accomplish his six-year mission to put driver licenses in the hands of those here illegally...

The answer will come within the next 72 hours as he pursues delicate negotiations with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and as lawmakers steam toward an expected session-closing marathon Friday...

[...his latest proposal might have a non-visible mark in the magnetic strip on the back or similar rather than the visible mark that Schwarzenegger supports...]

A bold, visible mark would be nothing more than a scarlet letter that invites discrimination, much like the Star of David on Jews in Nazi Europe, Cedillo maintained.

Cedillo was still unsure whether to drop the matricula -- a card issued by the Mexican consulate -- as an acceptable form of identification in the application process. ["FBI Official Says Matricula Consular Card Is Security Threat"; see also this backgrounder] Schwarzenegger had expressed concerns over forged matriculas...

OK, that's enough. Did you spot the error(s)? Yes, that's right! Everything in the article was just plain wrong.

Since it's more or less a "local" call and they're a small paper, rather than sending an email I'm just going to give them a call at (310) 540-5511. The rest of you can send an email to their Editor Sue Schmitt:


Being deported to mexico is not like being deported to a death camp, if it were, then that would be another compelling reason not to allow mexicanization of this country. Actually, there are many compelling reasons not to permit mexicanization here, unless one's absolute priority is to get a country dominated by drug-traffickers.