Remember how four blacks tortured a white special needs victim on Facebook video over Trump?

Four blacks have been arrested in Chicago for torturing a white special needs victim live on Facebook video. They've now been charged with a "hate crime" (link). They may have also kidnapped the victim and if that charge is made and it sticks they could be looking at long prison sentences.

This was a horrific crime and it was clearly racially-motivated and with political overtones. One or more of them shouted "Fuck Donald Trump" and "Fuck white people"; someone said on the video that the victim "represents Trump".

Yet, if you're reading this a week from post date or months or years from now, you'll probably have mostly forgotten about this horrific crime. Why is that? Newt Gingrich - completely unwittingly, as we'll see - has the answer. On Fox News, he said:

If this had been done to an African American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged, and there'd be no question but that it's a hate crime,

Indeed: if the races were reversed, you wouldn't hear the end of it for weeks and weeks, and the name of the victim would become nearly a household name like Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin.

Those who say things like the Gingrich quote aren't willing and able to examine why Trayvon Martin will be remembered for years and the victim in this case will be largely forgotten a week from now.

The reason for that is simple: black leaders are much more competent than those who represent non-far-left, non-elite whites ("NFLNEW"). The black base is more competent than NFLNEWs. That's just reality that anyone who says something like the Gingrich quote are admitting. If NFLNEWs were more competent and their leaders were more competent, then they could turn this into a big issue. It might seem like a big issue now, but it won't be a week and more from now.

The black base demands that their leaders bring home the bacon, and if they don't they don't support them. NFLNEWs only demand that their leaders flatter them and tell them what they want to hear. The black base pressures their leaders to do a good job, NFLNEWs treat their leaders like 5-year-old girls treat Justin Bieber. NFLNEWs consistently enable those who just talk but never even try to do anything. As a result, virtually every NFLNEW leader is just a grifter, trying to profit either by selling books to the NFLNEWs base or taking money from billionaires to push those billionaires' agenda on the NFLNEW base even though it will harm that base.

Combine that with the intense Dunning Kruger that the NFLNEW base suffers, their lack of integrity, their complete lack of respect for the truth, their propensity to divide rather than unite (AltRight, etc.), their propensity to attack those who could help them, and you'll see why this case will be largely forgotten in the weeks, months, and years to come.

The standard NFLNEW response to the above is to illustrate my points by lying, smearing, showing complete lack of integrity, posturing, demonstrating Dunning Kruger, and so on. If anyone would like to prove me wrong, don't do that. Any takers?