Chart showing deportations by fiscal year is misleading (Obama vs. Bush administration)

The attached chart (from Frank Sharry of America's Voice) tries to claim that the Barack Obama administration is deporting illegal aliens at an even greater rate than George W Bush.

The chart is misleading for at least two reasons:

* It shows fiscal years. A U.S. government fiscal year begins on October 1 of the year before. As David Frum points out here: One-third of fiscal 2009 was presided over by the Bush administration. As the Obama administration got itself fully in charge, however, enforcement has drooped away, reports the Washington Post on March 10 of 2010. The WaPo report is here.

* The figure for 2010 is a projection and based on the same deportations memo discussed in the WaPo article and which the Department of Homeland Security said was "inconsistent with the administration's point of view". The last bar of that chart is based on a projection from a memo that the DHS doesn't support.

Those spreading the misleading chart include:
* America's Voice, see the link above.
* Dan Froomkin at the Huffington Post:
* Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress: