CAP tries to help illegal aliens keep construction jobs through "greening" the housing stock

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Andrew Jakabovics and Dr. Heather Boushey of the George Soros-funded, Barack Obama-linked Center for American Progress offer "Time to Upgrade Windows: New Green Jobs for the Construction Industry" (link). If you were a New Deal-happy visitor from Mars, it would make perfect sense.

However, those of us from Earth will probably realize it's just an intellectually dishonest, corrupt scheme to maintain power not just through make-work projects, but by ensuring that illegal aliens remain in the U.S. rather than returning home to Mexico and other countries. They express concern for construction workers, without even just once hinting that many of those workers are here illegally.

They aren't thinking of what's best for American workers, or what's best overall. They're completely corrupt and thinking only what's best for their interests including the interests of the Democratic Party.

Even proponents of their scheme must admit that by not admitting that many of the beneficiaries of their scheme are here illegally, they're being incredibly intellectually dishonest. Needless to say, that's par for the course for CAP:

The ongoing collapse of housing sales is reverberating across the U.S. economy, threatening further increases in unemployment, especially among construction workers and others affiliated with the housing industry. Today, the Census Bureau reported that in November new home construction fell to a record low annual rate of 625,000 units. The prospects for future investment are also weak as permits are down 48.1 percent compared to a year ago.

This is just the kind of news that unemployed or underemployed construction workers cannot afford to hear as the holidays near, but the incoming Obama administration and the 111th Congress can do something about it—enact a sweeping economic stimulus and recovery program that includes new “green” jobs for construction workers...

...This collapse in housing construction is devastating for construction workers...

...With residential construction activity essentially moribund for the foreseeable future, job losses in the construction sector will likely continue to mount alongside job losses in other industries. The economy has shed 1.3 million jobs in the past three months, which is the largest three-month job loss in over three decades. Real wages are falling alongside higher unemployment, which combined with uncertainty in the housing market and lack of availability of credit, are discouraging homebuyers...

I'm sure the Mexican government thanks them for their concern, but if CAP were truly thinking of what's best for Americans, they'd encourage the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who work in construction to return home. Their interests are different.