Bush: "Republicans don't like immigrants" might be "fair or unfair", but that's their image

Earlier today, our beloved quisling president George W Bush stabbed the Republican party in the back even stronger than he has in the past, at least verbally [1]:
...But the party's message has got to be that different points of view are included in the party. And - take, for example, the immigration debate. That's obviously a highly contentious issue. And the problem with the outcome of the initial round of the debate was that some people said, well, Republicans don't like immigrants. Now, that may be fair or unfair, but that's what -- that's the image that came out.

And, you know, if the image is we don't like immigrants, then there's probably somebody else out there saying, well, if they don't like the immigrants, they probably don't like me, as well. And so my point was, is that our party has got to be compassionate and broad-minded...
Obviously, rather than pointing out that opposition to massive and/or illegal immigration is not an indication of whether you "like" one group of people or not but is more an indication of supporting the correct policy, Bush is acting like a Democrat who intends to do damage to the Republican Party. Instead of echoing his remarks, that party should purge corrupt, anti-American hacks like Bush from their ranks.

As an example of Bush hurting his own party, the video on this post is from ThinkProgress, and they're eating it up: thinkprogress.org/2009/01/12/bush-immigration-republicans

Note also that in 2006, Dolores Huerta led high school students in chanting "Republicans hate Latinos". Note also this 2006 satire I wrote based on that.

[1] whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2009/01/20090112.html 12/19/11 UPDATE: The account associated with the video that was here before (presumably from ThinkProgress) was terminated by Youtube due to multiple third-party infringement complaints, including from NumbersUSA. The previous video ID was aVIb2nbrGz8, and I replaced it with another video from the same press conference. It might have the immigrants quote discussed above, but if not feel free to link another video that does have the quotes in comments.

George Bush - Final Press Conference Part 1


Repeatedly Bush says things that make you ask yourself: Could he possibly be such a simpleton? After a while it's hard not to answer affirmatively.

so bus wants mexico and wants us all to live under mexican rulers; meaning total poverty and world open borders, after all that is why obama is in power for now!