In the tank: Google Maps front pages "Obama's Journey"

Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt is a member of Barack Obama's Economic Transition Team (link), so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the increasingly-political company he heads has given the president-elect (and Joe Biden) a special treat that they've probably already gawked over. In Obama's case, he might even have had a private chuckle over it too.

If you go to near post time, you'll see the image below. The front page includes two links to animated maps: "Barack Obama's Journey" and "Joe Biden's Journey". While the latter is probably accurate, the former might not be. For instance, we don't really (as in, really, as in fact-based not wishful thinking) know that BHO was in fact born in Hawaii. Mainly because he won't release his records. And, while he was probably in New York City for a couple years, even the NYT admitted that he wasn't telling the whole truth about his time spent there. There's no absolute proof that he graduated from Columbia, despite what Google Maps says.

google in the tank for obama


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