David Brady/Hoover Institution offers very bad advice for the GOP

David Brady, deputy director of the Hoover Institution, recently spoke to an Austrailian newspaper (link) and offered some advice for the Republican Party that was, at least in part, spectacularly bad and that showed that he has absolutely no clue whatsoever:

"In order for the Republicans to win again they have to drop the anti-gay, anti-immigrant, strict pro-life, no-abortion social positions they have taken... They have to drop those things and move to the centre where the American voters are. Look at gay marriage - support for gay marriage in America is going up; it's not going down. It's a similar situation if you're pro-life. The majority in America has been pro-choice for a while, and it's not moving anywhere."

1. He's claiming that all those who oppose gay marriage or illegal/massive immigration are "anti-gay" and "anti-immigrant". That's certainly true for some of those opponents, but not for all. And, rather than pointing that out, Brady is saying the same things that Democrats would use in smears against opponents.

2. While gay marriage may pass in several states throughout the U.S., it will always have opponents including many with good arguments. Likewise with abortion, but with the fact that the arguments against that or wishing to minimize it are even more well-founded. Where exactly would Brady have those millions and millions of people go? Brady isn't suggesting that the GOP try to achieve some sort of compromise, but is instead suggesting complete capitulation to the Democrats on those issues.

3. Perhaps supporting massive immigration is a loser for the GOP, no matter how they pander and no matter how much money they receive from crooked businesses.

4. It would be very easy for someone with a megaphone to completely discredit the Democrats over immigration. Brady is either too corrupt or too stupid to support doing that.


He means we should throw in the towel and become Demonrats!

Herbert Hoover would castrate this fag and toss him from this irrelevant think tank if he were alive.