Because of immigration, Democrats think Texas, Georgia, and Arizona might turn blue (Peter Wallsten/LAT)

Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times offers "Democrats set sights on Texas" (link):
Texas is one of several reliably red states that are now in Democrats' sights as party strategists begin to analyze a victorious 2008 campaign that they believe showed the contours of a new movement that could grow and prove long-lasting.

A major shift in the Latino vote took place in Florida and the Southwest, where the Obama campaign spent at least $20 million on targeted appeals and organizing, including one television ad in the final days featuring the candidate reading Spanish from a script.

Latinos made up a greater share of the electorate than in the past in every Southwestern state, according to exit polls compiled by CNN. And in each Southwestern state, as well as Florida, the Democrat pulled a bigger percentage of the Latino vote -- a turnaround from 2004, when President Bush cut deeply into Democrats' hold on Latinos and won that bloc in Florida, where many Cuban Americans remain loyal to the GOP.
There's more at the link, but I'm still waiting for someone to crunch the numbers to determine how much trouble the GOP has got itself into by thinking that allowing millions of potential Democrats to move here is a winning strategy.


I resent the implication that the GOP "thinks", clearly it doesn't.

here it comes 100 million new people(see la raza meaning the new people like hitlers master race guys ) all looking for your money and the kids all want your jobs what fun to watch, and its all part of the plan of evil working in front of you. Obama the monkeu you wanted and you got.