Instead of "Joe the Plumber", how about "Pete the Prosecutor"?

"Joe the Plumber" - aka Joe Wurzelbacher - is America's hot new thing (link), after having asked Barack Obama a question about taxes at one of his public appearances and after being mentioned in yesterday's debate. He even got an interview with Katie Couric. This is to a good extent a good thing: it gets the idea out there that people should go to Obama's public appearances and ask him things designed to make him look bad.

Now, we need a follow-up, but this time featuring someone more along the lines of "Pete the Prosecutor":

Senator Obama, isn't it true that you lied when you said [one of Obama's lies]? I have documentation here showing that you lied. Despite evidence to the contrary, do you continue to maintain the lie?

We only have two weeks to find someone who can go out and ask Obama a tough question on video and then upload that to Youtube. I urge everyone reading this to either try and ask him a tough question (see the cautionary note here), or at the least to contact everyone who can help promote this idea and urge them to get behind the plan. For the latter, please email every blogger and every anti-Obama pundit you can find this link describing how to beat Barack Obama.


Under this muslim pig obama he will help to take down the usa by mass taxion on the poor whites not black or hispanics yellow people will also get hit in the ass with mass taxion. Its always about control and mass hate for our government that obama wants and if that government which is no longer in the hands of the people! it will become a total dictatorship controlled by obama and total tyranny. Understand one fact taxion is what obama wants and it will be 80 percent of your pay to help people in the third world but mainly africa. its nall about control over you!

Whoa. That was a little scary.

The ignorance and racial hatred that you have is more insulting than your poor grammar and spelling. I read Parade magazine last week.(It comes in the Sunday paper). They included an income chart, and how much you'd be taxed under each candidate tax plan. Under Obama's plan if you made less than $250,000 you would save between $300-4800 per year. If you made more than $250,000, you'd pay more taxes per year, than you currently pay. It was any where from $300.00 to tens of thousands more, if you made 5 million dollars a year. Under McCain plan, if you made less than $250,000 per year, you'd save $28.00 - $238.00 per year. But if you made more than $500,000 per year, you'd save $12,000-$50,000 per year. Do you understand? What I am saying to you is that under McCain's plan unless you are rich, you are only saving enough to fill your gas tank. Under Obama's plan, you can save enough to send your child to the community college. You make the choice. You can vote based on race, or you can vote based on what's going into your pocket.

Isn't funny how you little right wing fear mongers without sh** for brains blew it again.. Joe the Plumber is another McCain and facist lie. Name is actually Samuel Wurzelbacher He’s not a plumber. He isn’t licensed to plumb in his home state which is illegal. Apparently “freelances.” Doesn’t have the money to buy a plumbing business or any business He’s not registered to vote He owes $1182 in unpaid taxes He owes $1261 to St Charles Mercy Hospital He has a tax lien on his home Per Mr Wurzelbacher, "I want to set the record straight: Currently I would not fall into Barack Obama's $250,000-plus," he said. "But if I'm lucky in business and taxes don't go up then maybe I can grow the business and be in that tax bracket - well, let me rephrase it. Hopefully, that tax won't be there." Few owners are that lucky in business. In a member survey conducted late last year, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) found that only 14% of respondents said they had $200,000 or more in annual income.

Heather I love your butt. Obama is not evil just owned by our the enemies. so is McCain.