John McCain/Barack Obama townhall debate live coverage (10/7/08)

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Live coverage of the John McCain/Barack Obama town hall "debate" - concomitant with me weeping for those who want to turn our political system into something closely approximating the Soviet Union - begins now. The questions I've seen so far are simply allowing them to replay their stock speeches.

You bet BHO supports nuclear energy. His contributors depend on it.

Tom Brokaw has a follow-up. Don't worry: it's a simple one rather than something that would reveal that neither are fully qualified to be president of the U.S.

Some stiff in the audience asks whether BHO supports treating healthcare as a "commodity". I don't know exactly what that means, but BHO responded by simply replaying his stock speech about healthcare.

McCain works in a completely forced joke during his replay.

J'accuse! BHO rudely points at McCain, claiming he voted against SCHIP.

Delaware, the "loose standards" state.

Another stiff asks about going into Pakistan without their permission to get al Qaida members. Faux tough guy BHO outright says that if Pakistan won't or can't go in to get bin Laden the U.S. would go in. McCain correctly points out that there are things you say, and there are things you don't say. A much better question would have pointed out the many problems with BHO's plans and his habit of saying them out loud.

Tom Brokaw asks what might just be the dumbest question ever asked this season by a major moderator: "is Russia under Putin an 'Evil Empire'?" Seriously, he's acting like neither one of these stiffs has ever spoken about Russia before.

Did you know that McCain was in the Navy? I didn't know that.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, sorry, I nodded off there.

This "debate" was a sham. It simply allowed the candidates to replay their stock speeches, when they should be called on their lies and misleading statements, and on the hugely obvious flaws in their policies.

The mainstream media is not going to do that job. We have to do that job.

Please go to a public appearance by Obama or McCain and ask them tough questions. Get their response on videotape, and then upload it to Youtube and other sites. We have to do the job the mainstream media refuses to do.


There was a debate tonight? Gack, can't believe I wasted 90 minutes on that. Talking point redux part eleventeenth. Candidates looked bored, audience looked bored. Lame questions. Talking head review post debate...all bored. And not one drop of sweat or blood from either side. Major snore. OTW, the only new thing I heard, and no surprise really, was obambi going on record that health care is a right, with McCain disagreeing. Obama C- McCain C+

McCain is such an idiot -- right at the outset saying he'd tell the Treasury to buy up all 'bad mortgages'. He could've done a lot to virtually guarantee his election had he (officially) suspended his campaign to filibuster the bailout bill. As soon as the crooks on Wall St got their money from their enablers and friends in Washington they tanked the market anyway. Can't take either one of them seriously.

In order to have a conservative in office I have to vote for Juan McCain and hope he wins and then dies shortly after taking office. Then we could have a [rookie] conservative as President. Its our only hope in this sad saga. May God have mercy on us all

Asking real and questions and demanding real answers is a good start on picking up the ball the MSM dropped long ago. But demanding that third party candidates be allowed to participate in these debates goes a necessary step further. The government (two-party) controlled media isn't listening... yet, but that's all the more reason to push.

didn't listen to BS But its coming down to all people fighting each other over a place to live and food as the so called USA Comes-apart in front of us all.

Radio guy in Boston Reese said today...(and he is conservative and rooting for McCain) McCain reminds him of an old man wandering around a nursing home whining "where is my sweater"....too funny if it weren't so disastrous!