Lil' fascists: Barack Obama supporters on Jerome Corsi's detention in Kenya

It used to be that "liberals" would strongly oppose corrupt foreign governments "losing" paperwork in order to stifle speech. However, when things like that are done in support of Barack Obama, their response is a bit different. Here are some instances of those discussing the detention in Kenya of Jerome Corsi, author of the anti-BHO book Obama Nation. Think of these as a preview of how his supporters will act should he become president:

* "BooMan" says: "Jerome Corsi wrote a nasty, dishonest book about Barack Obama. Jerome Corsi went to Kenya to try to promote the book. Jerome Corsi was arrested and will be deported. He's actually lucky that the police dealt with him, rather than the people." ( In other words, BooMan suggest that violence is the proper response to speech he doesn't like.

* Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake - who recently appeared with Corsi at - doesn't have any concern about the circumstances of the detention, then goes on to promote her Bloggingheads appearance and smear Corsi (Alternet:

* "Drew" ( uses a photo of Corsi standing with a picture of "bigfoot evidence". He doesn't indicate that it's a photoshop ( He also fails to note the links between Obama and the Kenyan president. The tagline is "They should have just kept him there".

* Truthdig simply has a short introduction and then links to The Guardian. The vile is provided by their commenters (

* Terry Krepel - also with Media Matters - takes Corsi to task for failing to fill out the proper forms: (one of the groups was indeed identified in a previous version of the WND story, and one can imagine why publicizing the names of those friendly to Corsi inside a corrupt foreign country might not be a good idea.)

* the DailyKos has a field day, analogizing those who knowingly entered the U.S. illegally to a corrupt foreign country "losing" someone's paperwork: ("bob newserman") ("RumsfeldResign")
There are many others:
If anyone finds anything remotely liberal in any of those, feel free to leave a comment.

* Hannah Dreier of Media Matters for America engages in various logical fallacies but in regards to the topic of this post she completely takes the Kenyan government's word for the facts of the detention ( A similar report from Julie Millican and Nathan Tabak focuses on a politically incorrect skit from G. Gordon Liddy and completely ignores any of the circumstances of the detention (


God you've got nothing. Obama supporters are "fascists" because they aren't sad about something mildly unpleasant happening to someone they hate? People of all political persuasions say offensive shit in blog comments, so what?