Stanford University/Associated Press: only racist Dems won't vote for Obama (biased poll, Knowledge Networks)

Stanford University, the Associated Press, and something called Knowledge Networks have released a poll which is, frankly, designed to call those Democrats who won't vote for Obama racist [1]. In fact, the official title is "Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama" (by Ron Fournier and Trevor Tompson, link). As discussed here there's a lot of data involved and I'll leave sorting through it to others. In a comment here, someone states that the survey uses the answer to "moderately well" as the mid-point of the statistics, rather than using a neutral answer. I haven't verified that and discussing how that impacts the study is left to those more familiar with how these type of things are conducted.

However, the first link has a sidebar called "Adjectives that describe blacks" featuring the answers to the question "How well does each of these words describe blacks?" And, in some ways the answers to that question are more a test of whether someone is politically correct to the verge of being delusional.

For instance, the responses from white people to "law-abiding" and "violent" are:
Democrats: around 25%/15%
all whites: around 20%/20%
Independents: around 17%/23%
Republicans: around 14%/22%

That adjective is horribly imprecise. However, considering the high rate of crime among blacks (link, link), one might consider that those who answered yes are doing so based not on prejudice so much as simple facts. Better questions would have attempted to ascertain whether respondents think all blacks, many blacks, blacks in the same socio-economic class as Obama, or many young black males are "law-abiding" or "violent".

Likewise with some of the other adjectives. 25% of white Dems said *most blacks* are "intelligent at school". What exactly that means isn't clear, but that 25% now needs to explain the differences in test scores and overall performance. There are a large number of articles along those lines (eg., link). Once again, a more precise question is needed to determine whether racism is involved or whether someone is basing their reply on statistics.

Whatever the merits of the underlying study (and the above doesn't show it to be worth much), the overall purpose is clear: Democrats who don't vote for Obama are racist.

[1] See also the "Ron Fournier is a tool of the Rethuglicans" conspiracy theory:


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