Loretta Sanchez: high on life or something else? (and: sex scandal?)

loretta sanchezThis site doesn't normally stoop so low as to link to a TMZ report where they conduct a sidewalk interview with U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, and she responds in a way that's consistent with those who are high on something. But, I guess it's too late now.

Also, in comments at that link, someone claims that a sex scandal is brewing involving the Congresswoman and someone from the Pentagon, with the latter having left his wife. Since this hasn't been confirmed I won't repeat that information here and also please don't leave the details in the comments since it might not be true.


That's my congresswoman, who used illegal alien votes to steal the election from Bob "B-1" Dornan. While she may be a despicable, disgusting politician who panders in spanish to the illegals in Santa Ana, she is not as bad as her radical mexican nationalist-socialist sister. Her name used to be Loretta Brixey, and way back then she was a Republican. You should never trust anyone who switches parties (and thus, principles) by sticking her greasy thumb in the wind to obtain ethnic-based political power.

I just read a piece by Walter Moore about the nearly 1 million illegal invaders living in LA....no wonder it has become a third world hell hole!

Mary is right, and this woman loretta sanchez and if she is a woman and not a shemale for mexico city, is just one more prostitute for mexico city and the hispanic drug dealers now inside our once great nation of laws and duty, but face fact we have no laws or duty only the duty of evil doers now are now running this nation and who will be running this nation into some piss hold for reasons of one world. soon we will be facing death as a nation it will become understood why and when you as a people can no-longer work or be safe in your own homes and become a target of the third worlds people that both Obama and the old McCain love so much; "just maybe"? you as a people will once more stand up like American and do the right thing, if you know what i mean? be all you can be or be a prostitute for the third world what do you want?

She's easily the dumbest member of Congress and its truly scary to see all the committees she's on, she's like Forest Gump without any morals or character, I have to wonder about the credibility of the schools she received her degree(s) from. In addition to serving on the following committees House Armed Services Committee Oversight and Investigations Committee Readiness, and Military Personnel Subcommittees, Terrorism Panel of this Committee Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism Homeland Security Committee She represents probably the most heavily populated illegal immigrant community in America, she's essentially elected by criminal foriegn invaders and if immigration laws were ever enforced her district be deported.

yes Smitty she is our enemy and someday it would be great to see her at a ropes end from a tree if you know what i mean. by the way its a fact her father was a big time drug dealer.

'Amid roiling turmoil in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, chairman Joe Baca Friday disputed accusations that he had called Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a "whore," had mismanaged the group's political arm, thwarted the advancement of female lawmakers and was improperly elected chairman.' Maybe now she'll make news for something else. Accusing Baca of calling her a 'whore' has been her big story. I wonder if she talks about that in her new book.