Barack Obama is a dual citizen? Kenya? Indonesia? Sister's name on birth certificate?

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Is Barack Obama a dual citizen of Kenya? The "Things you might not know about Barack Obama" post from "The Rocky" of the Rocky Mountain News (link) drops this bomb in the middle of their list:

Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship.

That's from four days ago and no correction is appended. But, the sources listed (, Internet Movie Database, Atlanta Journal Constitution) don't appear to have anything I can find that would confirm it. "Texas Darlin" (more on her below) says she's talked to the author and he thinks more corroboration is needed.

In early 2007, author and Obama opponent Andy Martin (link) held a press conference (link)

"to announce that U. S. Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya and became a citizen of Kenya under the Independence Constitution of Kenya in 1963. Obama has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. He is also a U. S. Citizen."

However, a search didn't find any documentation or a followup to that press release. To add to our skepticism, this site believes it based on the foregoing cites. The comment from "Bud" here provides quotes from the alleged Kenya Constitution which would seem to rule out BHO being a dual citizen. However, the site containing that "Constitution" doesn't appear to be a government site and the various loopholes involved would have to be analyzed by someone familiar with both U.S. and Kenyan laws. Finding someone to do that is left as an exercise.

But, wait, there's more! BHO might actually instead be a citizen of Indonesia. At least, that's what "Texas Darlin" says in a comment:

The more important issue is Indonesian citizenship. In fact, the Kenyan thing could be a diversion.

On that post, Larry Johnson promises dire news to come:

I confirmed today that several teams/individuals visited Jakarta during the last six months to gather up critical documents regarding Barack. It is amazing what money can buy. The information includes details of how Barack made his way to Pakistan. Oh! Did I mention there have been similar efforts underway in Pakistan... Did I also mention how small Hawaii is? Republican operatives, with help from their own island backers, have unearthed critical information on Obama and are just biding their time until after the convention to drop it on him. Such as? Having a birth certificate that lists you as Barry Soetoro.

Meanwhile back in the U.S., an effort is underway regarding BHO's supposed birth certificate, with one Ted Moran saying:

"I am looking for 50 brave men or women from 49 states and the District of Columbia to join me in suing the secretaries of state in our respective states to prevent them from posting the name Barak H. Obama on the November 2008 ballot until he presents incontrovertible proof that he is a … U.S. citizen,"

Also meanwhile, "Sister Maya's Name Uncovered on Alleged Obama Birth Certificate" (link).

I'm not entirely dismissing their concerns, but they're going to need to actually produce something one of these days in order to avoid being completely dismissed.

And, in the meantime, if they want to actually have an impact using things that are indisputable, go to a BHO appearance and call him on one of his documented lies or misleading statements.

HIGHLY CONFUSED UPDATE: Thanks to Dave Weigel for pointing out over at that Soetero is the last name of BHO's step-father, and thus his name would not appear on a birth certificate. However, someone in comments there says a new certificate could have been issued when BHO was a child. Meanwhile, "Texas Darlin" assures us that "I am neither a Larry Sinclair operative nor a con-person working in collaboration with someone impersonating a forensics examiner." I'm going to leave reading the other posts at that site to you, the intrepid finder of fact.


Yes Obama is a dual citizen that has been known for years now he is not really a American but a world political citizen! and he has no great Love for this nation or its people he is just being placed into power for the real owners of this so called nation. Buy Guns when this pig Obama becomes the head monkey in washington you will become the enemy over night. be smart and start to see the facts in front of you.

So many racist out there!!! Indonesia hasn't even allowed dual citizenship until November 2007; and come to think of it, he was born in Hawaii, one of the states in our union. In fact, for all of people lacking history or geography knowledge, Hawaii is our FIFTIETH STATE since 1959, and he was born in 1961. I think that qualifies as being born after statehood. Once born in the U.S., you are a citizen!! Are people REALLY this desperate?

For all this talk about Obama's citizenship - a man who was born in a US state - no one seems to mention that McCain had to get a special ruling in 2000 to run in the primary - because HE was born in Guam, NOT a US territory at the time.

McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone - which was a US Territory. He was also born to American parents. McCain did NOT get a "special ruling" to run in 2000. Congress passed some sort of non-binding resolution that stated McCain is elibible to be president. But who cares? He and Hussein Osama are both owned by internationalist corporate bankers. Bring back the republic!

And he was still elected and came out WINNERRRR`!! What say you?

First of all, citizen of Kenya and US. the Constitution does not say you cannot be a dual citizen. it says you must be born in the US. he has a selective service number and you can't get one of those unless the government thinks you are a citizen. There is one problem though. they found the birth certificates of a set of twins born August 3, 1961 and their birth certificate number is higher than Obama's number