Barack Obama supporters angered, saddened by John McCain blog commenting scheme

In yet another bone-headed move, the John McCain campaign is encouraging their supporters to leave McCain talking points in commenting sections on blogs (link). If they do that they'll get points which can be redeemed for prizes, including cases of beer. The much more honorable suggestion would be to correct misinformation, but that's not what they want.

Needless to say, reaction was swift and strong from Obama supporters.

Over at The Trail, "Stewie" condemned this plan, and then launched into the suggestion that McCain wears Depends. Three seconds later, "ObamaIsTheOne2008!!!" - oddly enough, using the same IP address as "Stewie" - called those who'd leave such comments names, and then launched into a tirade calling McCain "McSame". Then, five seconds later and also using the same IP address, "BeckyIowa" revealed that she's a 50-year-old white woman who - although previously a McCain supporter - is now voting for Obama. Five seconds later, "Bob Smith" - using an IP address resolving to a web company in Mumbai - claimed:

The tide is starting to swell.The coal is getting stoked. The blinders are being removed. The chant of a few is becoming a chorus of thousands.People all over this country are learning that there is still hope for our great country.Obama 2008.


Wait a minute Free Beer? Didn't Obama use that tactic in Germany with free beer & a free concert?

"using an IP address resolving to a web company in Mumbai" So they're outsourcing political hacks to India?

It just gets better and better.

that is right eh its almost fun.