Chicago Aldmn Cardenas, Flores introduce anti-"hate speech" resolution; Mexico-linked ICIRR cheers

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The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is linked to the Mexican government, and they have some involvement in a resolution introduced today by two Chicago aldermen (George Cardenas and Manny Flores) condemning "hate speech" (i.e, the facts) supposedly directed at "immigrants" (i.e., illegal aliens) [1]. The resolution also comes out in favor of legalizations of illegal aliens. And, Lou Dobbs and others are apparently the intended targets, with Cardenas saying:

"...the overall climate surrounding the immigration issue has turned more and more ugly, fed in particular by cable news. It's time that our city took a stand against the hateful rhetoric."

The ICIRR press release references the recent Media Matters report "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time: Immigration Myths and Cable News", with their Fred Tsao saying:

"The Media Matters report documents in great detail how Dobbs, O'Reilly, Beck, and others have used distortions and misrepresentations to portray immigrants in a negative light and push an anti-immigrant agenda... We applaud Aldermen Cardenas and Flores for standing with immigrants and against hate."

Those involved are simply trying to silence debate in order to make their grab for race-based power easier. And, this illustrates again the folly of those non-far-lefties who give in to the far-left's definition of hate.



They're sure obsessed with Lou Dobbs - as if everyone would just love illegals and mass immigration if only he weren't on TV.

Media Matters, a far left socialist/communist anti-american Clinton creation. I smell a stinkin Soros from here.