Recall Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon: just 23,751 signatures needed

Via this comes the news that a group called "American Citizens United" is going to attempt to recall Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon over his support for illegal immigration. The chairwoman of the group, Anna Gaines, is also a member of You Don't Speak For Me, which was started by FAIR. Whether they're involved isn't known, but in any case only 23,751 valid signatures are needed, and they have four months to get them. So, hopefully they can reach that milestone even if they have to pay signature gatherers for some or all.


Where do I go to sign up for Gordon' recall? Thanks

There is an investigation by the justice dept. going on now on Sh.Joe Arpaio and everyone needs to call or email the justice dept. 202-514-2000 Loretta King or Shania King or e-mail to let them know of your support for Joe Arpaio, and Ask them to while they are here to have Mayor Phil Gordon and John McCain investigated and find out why they are not doing their jobs by backing our law enforcement, and what has mayor Phil Gordon done with our money, does he not know how to balance a bank book, does he do this to his own personal bank book, and what would happen to you if you did this to your bank account???? We need an audit on the mayor, these people have to stop the runaway horses who keep getting away with it, if the money is not there then you can not spend it, and now he is blosin and going green, so can anyone out ther at this time afford to INstall solar???? Why not do something like separate left turn lanes that work with separate left turn lights through traffic does not go when left turns go, saves on smog,,, and acccidents and savves lives, DOWN with the FOOLISH Cameras>>>> R.A.