Mexico to reopen New Orleans consulte, George Bush to appear

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From this we learn that Mexico is reopening their consulate in New Orleans, which they'd closed in 2002. Not only that, but putative U.S. president George Bush will be there to celebrate the event. This coincides with the fourth annual SPP North American Leaders Summit to be held in that city.

And, it follows a completely corrupt, anti- and un-American Bush scheme under which U.S. citizens were moved out of the city and warehoused in Atlanta and Houston while corrupt, connected contractors were allowed to move in illegal aliens largely from Mexico to do the jobs that Americans could and should have done. The profits from Bush's scheme flowed to those contractors and the Mexican government, while the costs of Bush's scheme were born by everyone else in the U.S. Those costs include overpriced multilevel contracts, the costs of warehousing U.S. citizens in other cities, the social costs of not getting New Orleans' underclass to work rebuilding their own city, and hidden long-term costs such as the health effects of those illegal aliens who worked without proper safety equipment.

Louisiana lieutenant governor Mitch Landrieu welcomes the reopening. This is Mexico's 48th consulate in the U.S.

And, from this:

[At the summit], [o]bservers say [Felipe Calderon] is eager to tout the role his 30,000 countrymen played in the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005... Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington, said New Orleans is a good place for Calderon to remind Bush of Mexican workers' contributions to the U.S. economy... "I will expect the president to touch on the economic contributions of migrants to the U.S. economy, particularly to an area like New Orleans, where I understand a big part of the cleaning and reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina has been done by immigrants -- not just Mexicans, but immigrants in general," Alday said.