A Dream Deferred: Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films supports anti-American DREAM Act

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Earlier I noted that Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films was going to start producing immigration documentaries. Their first is a video (link) and site (adreamdeferred.org) supporting the DREAM Act, one of the most anti-American pieces of legislation ever devised. It would let illegal aliens take college discounts and slot from U.S. citizens (illustrated here), thereby giving those foreign citizens a better break than our own citizens and devaluing what citizenship means. As such, it's a direct attack on the entire concept of U.S. citizenship.

The video is oddly titled "A Dream Deferred....does it explode?" I don't know exactly what they mean, but I would have thought threats of physical violence below even them. Yet, I have no interpretation other than that title being a threat of some form of civil disturbance.

The video consists basically of baby-waving and doesn't present any logical argument. It also features California state senator Gil Cedillo, someone whose actions are frequently indistinguishable from those of an actual paid agent of the Mexican government.

The posts at adreamdeferred.org accept comments if you want to let them know what you think. Other than that, I suggest working to discredit those others who promote the site.

UPDATE: Oops! Leighton Woodhouse from the Brave New Foundation posts "Let's Put College in Reach for Hardworking Immigrant Students (VIDEO)" (alternet.org/rights/80643) and gets a more than frosty reception from fellow liberals.


Stupid!Do some research before making a statement because you sound stupid when writing about something that you aren't sure of and of course people who don't know any better will follow your advice;)

So the country is brimming with illegal alien Hispanic geniuses whose dreams are put on hold by 'haters'. I get it now.

This is analogous to the nonsensical affirmative action argument that we can let someone else in without keeping someone out. Of course, in the real word of limited funds, slots, etc. there is no magic math and someone loses or is left out or is not getting the benefit of that $. Actually, in AA, some proponents actually admit that is the case but say it's 'worth it' or even essential. I have yet to see a Dream Act proponent deviate from the something for nothing line. I assume this is because it's a much harder political sell to convince taxpayers/citizens to give something up for a foreign national than give something up for your fellow American citizen. There is some guilt felt toward, e.g., black Americans that they might be owed or deserve something. I don't think there's nearly as much charity felt toward people who are not even supposed to be in the country. The open borders people mock the 'what part of illegal do you not understand' philosophy but that sentiment is strong and prevalent. The open borders crowd simply doesn't have an answer to that question which is why they talk about everything else and things not even pertinent in the hopes you'll never get back to 'yeah, but they're not supposed to be here!'