Follow the lettuce: Western Growers endorses John McCain

From their press release (link):
Western Growers' Board of Directors has voted to endorse Arizona's John McCain in his bid to become the 44th president of the United States.

"Senator McCain has shown courage, determination and exceptional leadership skills in support of policies and principles important to Western Growers' members in Arizona and California," said Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif. "He has steadfastly promoted free markets, sensible fiscal policies, repairs of our immigration laws, and knows how important to our economy are the fruit, vegetable and nut producers in the west."
Frequent MSM quote source Jon Vessey is on their board. Through him and others, they've played a role in the long line of "crops rotting in the fields" articles.


Perpetuating the myth of the lazy American. I get so tired of hearing that we need criminals to do the work of legal US citizens. Sure, the change to growers hiring legal citizens will sting a little, but that's because those growers, mostly corporate farms or those selling to them, don't want the sting of paying fair wages or having safe working conditions.

I will never, EVAH vote for that traitor McCain...NEVER!!!

Mary hillary has been picked your vote means nothing, and what McCain means Growers in mexico and the drug dealers do love McCain a great deal. It will take a total economic collapse before you guys will pick-up a gun and fight back and that is coming. Chell the system needs its hate and myth to do evil on us all.

Fred, If I pick up a gun now I will be imprisoned. Of that I am sure.