Deja moo: Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform on Capitol Hill May 15

Didn't I read this press release a few months ago? Yet, it's got today's date on it, and tomorrow the "Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform" will be meeting with "Senator Larry Craig [R-ID] and Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)" [sic] to advance their cheap labor agenda:
A group of lawmakers and farmers will gather to ask Congress to pass responsible immigration reform. Labor shortages are being reported on American farms across the country, leaving crops rotting in the field. Agriculture Needs Action Now from Congress to secure access to a legal and stable workforce.
Those coming by include:
Maureen Torrey of Torrey Farms, Elba, NY;

Phil Glaize of Fred Glaize Inc., VA;

Elia Vasquez, a strawberry and herb grower from Watsonville, CA;

Mike Gempler of the Washington Growers League (WA) and National Council of Agriculture Employers from Yakima, WA;

Tom Nassif, President of Western Growers Association.