Mexican consulate spokesman: "This has been and will be Mexico"

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On the following video you can see someone identified here as Alberto Lozano, spokesman for the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, tell a group of protesters in front of that consulate what the Mexican government really thinks:

"This has been and will be Mexico"

Expect apologists try say he was referring to the consulate property itself; see the first link. Expect them to also attempt the dodge of saying that the protesters shouldn't have told him to "go back to his third-world craphole"; indeed, they shouldn't have. However, the bottom line is that he told us exactly what they think of us:


The second Mexican-American war has already begun and the country that started it is Mexico. The consulate official in this video demonstrates that with his words. What every person in the US that calls him or herself Hispanic needs to be asking is "Where do I stand?". "Where is my loyalty?" "On what side of this war am I?" If you think I'm exaggerating, then you havn't been paying attention to what's been going on around you? Are we all ready for this war?

There is either going to be a war with the hispanics [anti US latinos] when we finally try to enforce the laws or US citizens will revolt if this obviously damaging invasion is allowed to continue. It is wrong in every way shape or form. It is allowing another nation to colonize us and our fn government and m. s. media wont do squat about it. I know who's side I'm on! Lock and load , time to flush the commode.