Why Alex Pareene is a tool

Alex Pareene - formerly with Wonkette and now with Gawker - offers a fifth-graders attempt at North American Union/NAFTA Superhighway debunking here. The only problem is... there's nothing there, just snark and bad attempts at humor. He evens links to the Michael Dobbs debunking at the Washington Post (link), apparently without realizing how many of the comments there debunked the debunking.

In the unlikely event that anyone would ever take anything Alez Pareene says seriously, see the other posts in this category or even just the comments at the WaPo link. Many of those on the left in the U.S. are useful idiots for those who favor schemes like the NAU; those behind the schemes know they can count on those useful idiots to in effect support something just because of the opposition, in this case Lou Dobbs, World Net Daily, and so forth. On the other hand, opposition to these schemes in Canada comes from both the right and the left.

Here's my running list of North American Union apologists.

6/10/08 UPDATE: Now he's spinning the Bilderberg meeting:


Once More this is not a country its a business deal, the pigs now running the deal like bush and soon that foreign pig ass Barack Obama. who is the best of tools will tell people anyhing that person wants to hear. We are now on the threshold of economic collapse on the threshold of race and civil war IF NOT WORLD WAR, it would only take a little push and guys like this Alaz Pareene will help and make this nation into a hell on earth. Buy Guns.

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