Disgrace: CNN Democratic debate February 21, 2008

I won't be live-blogging it, but I can tell already that tonight's Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be a disgrace. Some part of that is due to the fact that one of the questioners is Jorge Ramos of Univision. He's not only a supporter of cultural separatism, he's not a citizen - by choice - despite having lived here for over a decade. And, if any immigration questions are asked they'll be meaningless: everyone on stage is on the same side.

UPDATE: I was right about it being a disgrace, but that was an easy bet (link); Ramos asked a few questions designed simply to make the candidates give in to his views in support of massive Hispanic immigration in the hopes of - as he says - "Latinizing" the U.S. The candidates responded with their standard speeches. Another CNN hack - Campbell Brown - even referenced the fact that their views on immigration are nearly identical.

Here's a video on the CNN-Ramos issue:


Do you think that Mexico would allow Lou Dobbs as a questioner in a debate in Mexico between Mexican presidential canditates?

Lonewacko, Take two asprin before you look at the transcripts tommorrow. The Hispandering by both candidate reached new heights or lows based on one's perspective. Obama launched into a dog whistle attack on Lou Dobbs. What an idiot. Far more Democrats and Independents watch his show than Republicans. The hard core Republican faithful are watching Glen Beck or Fox News.

Transcript: http://www.iht.com/bin/printfriendly.php?id=10292802 MR. RAMOS: (Speaks in Spanish.) Federal raids by immigration enforcement officials on homes AND BUSINESSES [emphasis added] have generated a great deal of fear and anxiety in the Hispanic community and have divided the family of some of the 3 million U.S.-born children who have at least one undocumented parent. Would you consider stopping these raids once you take office until comprehensive immigration reform can be passed? SEN. CLINTON: I would consider that... From Encyclopædia Britannica: Duties of the office The Constitution succinctly defines presidential functions, powers, and responsibilities. The president's chief duty is to make sure that the LAWS ARE FAITHFULLY EXECUTED http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9218450/presidency-of-the-United-States-of-America Is Hillary's answer (which Obama implicitly endorsed) acceptable from someone who aspires to this office? Should voters rule both of them out for so blatantly defying the duties they will swear to uphold? They are telling us now--is anyone listening? Clinton: 'We need comprehensive immigration reform. I have been for this. I signed on to the first comprehensive bill back in 2004. I've been advocating for it. Tougher, more secure borders -- of course. But let's do it the right way: cracking down on employers, especially once we get to comprehensive immigration reform' She just said she'd consider stopping workplace raids and now she says the 'right way' is 'cracking down on employers'? The two statements are incongruous. Then she hedges with 'especially once we get to comprehensive reform'. So, in a nutshell, her answer is let's consider not enforcing, let's enforce, but mostly later. CIR pixie dust will fix everything she finds so unpleasant about raids. There's one little problem with that--CIR will still have workplace enforcement, supposedly enhanced enforcement. A rational observer might conclude that those who are against surprise inspections now will still be against them after CIR. If such a person is President post-CIR, the race groups will get their amnesty, business will get their subsidized labor, and the enforcement promise will prove empty.

pseudoadhominem in nc Please answer my question. Is your blogger name a deliberate spoof of the notorious extreme Open Borders shill, Dave Neiwert/Chip Berlet(National Lawyers Guild goon, admitted Stalinist, and Neiwert's ventriloquist) acolyte, and internet troll, pseudonymous in nc? Because if it is, it pretty good. I have kicked pseudonymous in nc's butt on numerious blogs like Hullabaloo(Digby) and Matt Yglesias(Atlanti Monthly) many a time. I got him to go all apoplectic when I asked if he was in fact an immigration lawyer. pseudonymous in nc can not make a logical argument to advance his agenda to save his own life. So he resorts to calling anybody who calls him on his BS a "mexican/brown person hater".

Did you know Peter Jennings didn't become a US citizen until 2003? Incredible, really.

llamajockey, you caught me. It is I, but I tried to alter my name a little so as not to lose cred over at the blogs you mentioned. Hillary could have said this: Would you consider stopping these raids once you take office until comprehensive immigration reform can be passed? SEN. CLINTON: No, I would not consider that. When I take office less than a year from now, I will take an oath to uphold our laws and you can count on me to keep it. The President has a duty to execute all our federal laws and that includes immigration law. As you know I support CIR but until that day comes I am not going to undermine our system of government which is based on the separation of powers. We've had more than our fill of that under Pres. Bush and that usurpation will end under my administration. SIMPLE! And it would have played well with the independents in the TX open primary. She could have Bush-bashed and stood up for rule of law without abandoning her CIR position. If she stays the same or virtually indistinguishable on the issues as Obama, she can't win. This was a golden opportunity to build on her opposition to licenses and further distinguish herself from her opponent and she TOTALLY BLEW IT.

pseudoadhominem in nc, Great point on Hillary. Hillary sad to say is as completely oportunistic and cynical as her husband yet is simply without an once of the charm. Sure she dam well knows that continuing the Bush/Clinton/Bush policy of undermining our existing Immigration laws flys in the face of the excutive branch's constitutional duties. She also knows that our immigration policies are intended to further the wage depressing labor arbitrage agenda of corporate America. She all but out right admitted as much several times now. The troubling thing about Obama is you really can not decide if he is that incredibly ignorant on immigration matters, a shameless panderer who will say anything to get elected, a true blue ideologial Open Borders advocate or simply unaware that the duty of the Presidency is to enforce the rule of law.

Once more you guys still think this s a nation when in fact it is a business deal and yes Tiny Tim many people who you think are Citizen are not, like this foreign monkey Barack Obama who is fooling his way into power over you all. and yes if you understand this is not a country it would make "SENSE" That our enemy can take part in a so called presidential debate and why not? after all this is the former USA, You guys just have not got the word yet. Buy Guns.

What you say is true Fred, and I think most people, even the ones who prattle on about their politics and the election, realize it. They just can't face this truth because it really is awful.

Its always fun to come to read these comments by people who have no idea what theyre talking about. Gives me a good chuckle before I head out in the morning. Good job making Americans look stupid.

People you will soon know what third world people and ideals mean I mean really mean. start thinking about a new way outside the monkey system that is being formed right in front of you all. that means get out and start your own country up north in some area the monkeys can't follow and make a new idea under our old form of government but understand what that means.