Senator Bob Menendez floated as Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidate

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From this:
John F.X. Graham, one of Hillary Clinton's National Finance Co-Chairs, thinks that... New Jersey Senator [Robert Menendez] would make a great choice if Clinton wins the Democratic primary.

Graham fired off an email this morning to Clinton Campaign Manager Terry McAuliffe listing politicians who would make good vice presidential material, including the choices most often brought up: Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Joe Biden. But Menendez, a Clinton campaign national co-chair, would be the "most intriguing" choice, Graham wrote.

..."The name Richardson does not exactly sound Latino," wrote Graham. "The Latino voting block is becoming the most influential in this election, especially with the immigration and other economic issues confronting our prosperity. For a lack of a better term, he is the Latino Barack Obama with the experience."
I shouldn't need to add that encouraging people to vote for their race is not good public policy. Those are the actions of racial demagogues, which is a defining characteristic of the modern Democratic Party.

Graham says the idea is his alone, and then the article is kind enough to point out that Sen. Bob Menendez is still involved in an FBI corruption probe.

On the one hand, as a couple people point out at the link, this would be a wonderful shot in the arm to the GOP candidate. On the other hand, Hillary is too smart to select him, so I suggest discrediting him at every opportunity that presents itself. You can see my attempt to do so here: