Mexico to roll out biometric ID cards for migrant workers in Mexico

Louis E. V. Nevaer offers "Digital Immigration Card Shows Mexico's Progressive Views on Immigration" [1]. As one might expect, it extols the Mexican government, but the larger issue is that in March 2008 that government will be handing out digital identification cards containing biometric information to migrant workers from other countries who are working in Mexico. The cards will contain at least their fingerprints and also some form of RFID chip (see also "RFID implants for "guest" workers?") I'm not familiar with any related or similar U.S. programs [2], but I would expect that Mexico would add selling the ID card for migrants from that country to their push for "reform" or some form of "guest" worker scheme, probably with the assistance of Fifth Columnists (why beat around the bush?) inside the U.S.

The article also contains this:

Mexican officials, for more than a quarter century, have been frustrated by the recalcitrant attitude taken by U.S. authorities. American companies take out ads on Mexican radio telling Mexicans of "high paying" jobs waiting for them in the meat packing plants in the Midwest and Southeast, while the American government takes out other ads warning them of the dangers of attempting to make desert crossings. That the United States is incapable of implementing a coherent policy is another matter. While Mexico is rolling out 21st century technology in the first quarter of 2008, the United States - after spending tens of millions of dollars on similar cards - cannot use them, since U.S. border inspectors are not equipped with the scanners necessary to read them.

If anyone can upload one of those ads with or without a translation that would be most helpful. And, have a bag ready for this:

Mexicans believe that the United Nations can similarly help the United States. Mexicans argue that the time has come for the United Nations to begin a process of bringing the estimated millions of people living in the shadows of American society into the light. There is no reason why the United Nations cannot be brought in to assist Homeland Security and the Census Bureau to complete the years-long task of securing the United States's broken borders, and regularizing the millions of immigrants who have, one way or another, managed to find their way to the United States.

It'd be great if some of our leaders would propose such a plan, because I'm sure it would end their political careers.

[2] See or the Real ID program.


I suggest that the UN be called upon by our government to assist in the repatriation of all Mexican illegal aliens, and that the U.S. introduce a resolution in the Security Council that our country takes offense at the complicity of the Mexican government in promulgationg contempt for our sovereign borders. Should Mexico continue to violate our rights under international law, the U.S. will introduce a motion for economic sanctions against the Republic of Mexico.

I couldnt agree more! It is treason to consider any other alternative.